Fee Remittance


Year 1 new candidates $5,500/year  Tuition for Years 1 – 4 

Year 3 current candidates $4,000/year  Tuition for Years 3 – 4 

Initial payment (lump sum or first installment) is due as per the terms outlined in your CICAPP Student Enrolment Contract.

$300/year for Post-Academic fees. 


$5,425 estimated cost, based on a minimum of 217 supervision hours. However, supervision costs may be higher, as it depends on the individual student’s learning needs.

Supervision payments begin in Year 2 until completion of clinical requirements to graduation. Supervision fees are payable to CICAPP (payments@cicapp.ca).

As per the terms of your enrolment contract, the estimated $5,425/year is continued through academic years Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6 (when necessary).


When you receive a supervision invoice, keep a copy of it for your records and forward the original to the CICAPP administration office by email (payments@cicapp.ca). CICAPP will pay your supervisor directly and track the balance on your supervision fee account on an ongoing basis.


The option is available to pay tuition and supervision fees online by credit card, either in lump sum or in installments. Those selecting this payment method, will be charged a yearly administration fee of $85.

To pay your tuition online, please Click here.

To pay your supervision fees online, please Click here.

Payment is also accepted by e-transfer to payments@cicapp.ca

There is no administration fee on payments remitted by cheque or e-transfer. Please make cheques payable to CICAPP. Please forward the initial payment along with post-dated cheques for the balance of the fees to:

39 Almira Ave.
Markham, ON.
L6B 1B9

Kindly email payments@cicapp.ca to advise that your cheque(s) have been mailed.

Receipts will be issued for fees paid in 2024 by the end of February 2025.