Program Goals

Psychoanalytic child therapists trained in the Canadian Institute of Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy are unique in the fact that they attempt to examine the inner world of the child and to understand the child’s organized ways of thinking, feeling and reacting.

4-Year Training Program

In the four years (part-time) of training, leading to a diploma in child psychotherapy and the option to register with the College of RegisteredPsychotherapists (CRPO) upon graduation:

Integrate Psychoanalytic Theory

Candidates will learn to integrate psychoanalytic theory as it has evolved for over a century, with the discoveries of contemporary observational research in infant and child development.

Affection of Interaction

Candidates will come to understand how temperament and infant – caregiver relationships interact to affect personality development and relational patterns.

Common Presenting Problems

Candidates will learn about the common presenting problems in child psychotherapy, therapeutic action, and the therapeutic relationship.